Community Training to Employment Readiness (RERP Project)

Wataynikaneyap Power is working together with 20 First Nation partners to build a transmission line connecting remote First Nations in Northwestern Ontario. The transmission line will be 1,800 KM long. We are estimating 261 jobs will be created in Northwestern Ontario with a total estimated cost of $1.35 Billion. In order to take advantage of employment and business opportunities in our First Nations, we need to be ready. Employment and entrepreneurship opportunities include heavy equipment operators, line cutting and corridor clearing, electricians, catering, equipment rental, camp setup, etc.

Our First Nations are completing a survey to identify our communities’ workforce skills, businesses, entrepreneurs and community assets. We are asking community members to share what their skills and experience are so that when the transmission line work starts, we are ready to hire our community members. We are also seeking training needs so that we can coordinate job-specific training, business mentoring, and economic development support.

The aim of the initiative is to prepare our communities to be ready for major development projects including the transmission line construction.

This initiative includes:

  1. Community baseline study and resources/assets inventory (survey)
  2. Community needs assessment and GAP analysis (where the community needs to be when major capital development happens)
  3. Developing a community readiness action plan
  4. Implementing and carrying out the readiness plan (hands-on training)

If you have any questions about the survey or the training to employment project, please contact your community RERP Worker or your Tribal Council coordinator. The information you share will be kept with your First Nation. A report with names removed will be shared with your Tribal Council, Wataynikaneyap and SLAAMB.